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Metformin for People with Fibromyalgia Symptoms

(IRB#: IRB_00160543)

Fibromyalgia may cause people serious chronic pain. It is very difficult to help people with this pain. Metformin is an approved drug. Research is needed to learn if metformin helps people with pain from fibromyalgia. The information we gain may aid future patients.


  • All genders
  • Over 18 years old
  • Volunteers with special conditions
  •   In Person
  • Paid

Who can participate?

 Gender: All genders

  Age: Over 18 years old

  Volunteers: Volunteers with special conditions

   Location: In Person

Inclusion Criteria

  • Ages 18 to 65 years old
  • Diagnosis of fibromyalgia syndrome

Exclusion Criteria

  • Other diseases at the same time as fibromyalgia such as diabetes, heart or lung disease, problems with the kidney or liver, autoimmune disease
  • Pregnancy or planning to get pregnant
  • Serious mental health problems such as recent history of drug abuse, suicidal or self-harming behaviors, or psychosis
  • Abnormal levels of creatinine, vitamin B12, hepatic function panel, or estimated glomerular filtration rate
  • Other pain problems associated with cancer, injury, organ damage, or neuropathic pain

Will I be paid for my time?


For more information contact:

Reiko Mitsunaga


IRB#: IRB_00160543

PI: Norman Taylor


Approval Date: 2022-11-23 07:00:00

Specialties: Pain Management

Last Updated: 6/8/23