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How Research Studies Work

Research studies are conducted by scientists and doctors in partnership with members from the community.  

There are many types of research studies.  Some include a study drug to test  for safety and effectiveness others may simply be surveys.  Others may be testing  ways to find a disease early or prevent disease. You can learn more about a particular study from the study team.  Research depends on volunteers like you.



What to Expect

If you decide taking part in research is right for you, you should expect to be treated respectfully.  Your rights and safety are our priority.  Every study is different and has unique guidelines to qualify to take part.  If you meet the criteria you will be enrolled into the study when you give your consent.  You will then become a research volunteer.



Who Can Join?

Research needs people from a wide background to ensure researchers can apply results to as many groups as possible.  Therefore, it is important for studies to include volunteers of different ages, sexes, races, and ethnicities.  It is important to note that guidelines will vary from study to study.  



Our Researchers

From Nobel Prize winners to up-and-comers, The University of Utah supports new and seasoned researchers to move science forward.


Last Updated: 12/5/23